I will explain what made me try a physically and mental challenge of driving 6.000km alone on a bike and why I decided to connect it with a charity.
Enjoy and share your thoughts! πŸ™‚

A short explanation on why I started Velosperanza

Well, there I was: 39 years old, quit my job, moved back from China to Germany and back to my parents, my wife decided to live in France for the year…and now what?

As you could read from my personal introduction already, I had an idea to become a life coach and actually started the process with an educational program. But I had that feeling in me that I wanted to get further out of my comfort zone, to be alone by myself and not knowing what will happen the next day.
I felt that I wanted to take the next decisions in my life from the heart and not from the mind. But how to get to this point? I created this idea while I was dealing with huge changes in my life. Therefore it’s a personal path on my bike, facing my fears about the unknown and by this discovering who I really am, what matters to me, where I feel drawn to, in what way I can contribute to others wellbeing in the future.

I want to learn how to take decisions with my heart and not with my mind.

Riding a bike for several months would allow me to be alone, organise every day as it comes and learn how to deal with the things (and my fears) that life is placing in front of me. At the same time when I meet people, I will be able to discuss and reflect about life and even if I don’t have the expectation to get concrete answers about my past and future, I do know that this journey will help me grow and that’s all I can ask for to prepare for every new day of my life.

But that was not all…there was still a missing piece!
If I really invest this energy, physically and mentally, to prepare such a trip, then, I told myself, I have to try to enlarge the energy of this project for a good cause.

Whom to help is not an easy decision if you try to connect it to a deeper purpose and to the situation “in the world”.

When I started to think about a potential organisation or project I was overwhelmed. I wanted to connect the purpose to the covid situation in the world. For me this means that many people are confronted with death and most of our western societies do no longer have an integrative approach towards death. We try to exclude it from our reality, mark it as the worst thing that can happen and is definitely a ‘thing to be avoided’. This strong negative association leads to suffering during our lives, I believe. When you demonise the one thing in your life that you are absolutely sure about will happen, then you create an atmosphere of pressure. Pressure to enjoy life, to be successful quickly, because time is limited, to live fast, to not wanting to grow older, to push away the thought about death as far as possible etc. All of this contributes to a deep suffering inside of us as we try to forget what’s certain. With Covid19 this suffering became obvious to us in a personal and societal level when death or the threat of death became omnipresent. We were not ready for this on an emotional level, myself included.

Instead of trying to avoid and exclude death, we could try to think about it more often. But not to create fear, but to see it as part of our live, as a unique experience we will have and as something that remembers us to take the courage to change our lives the way we want and need them to be and most importantly to think about the purpose of our personal life and what we want to do with it.

Give sick children another chance to live their lives, as they will act as multipliers in the world to spread the message how precious and beautiful live really is.

Usually we have all our life to prepare for death. This is surely a demanding and deeply spiritual practice for each of us. But when children suffer from disease and have no access to medical treatment or other resources, this chance is taken away from them.
I have chosen to combine my personal adventure with a charity, that supports children suffering from cancer, so that they can have hope (“Esperanza” in Spanish) to live, to understand the beauty of live and to spread this message during their lives.

The particular organisation “Una Nueva Esperanza” (“A New Hope”) is from the city of Puebla in Mexico. As my wife is Mexican, I reached out to my Mexican family living in Puebla and finally got in contact with them. They offer various services for children and teenagers suffering from cancer and I would love to support as many of them as possible. A detailed introduction about Una Nueva Esperanza can be found in this article.
Giving them another chance to live allows also us to have a mother chance to reflect about death, its meaning in our lives. Plus those kids will act as multipliers in the world after overcoming such a disease and they will spread the message of love and kindness.

With just 400 EUR we can finance 1 chemotherapy treatment, providing hope and perspective to a young live in need! ❀️

My target is to finance 100 therapies = 40.000 EUR donations.

Please help me and the kids to achieve this target! πŸ’‹

Thank you for following me through this train of thought. I hope that our intentions can meet and you support this wonderful project in Mexico.

Best regards and a big hug / muchos saludos y un abrazo fuerte,



  1. So proud of you mate. The challenge, the discovery and the donation of your amazing energy, spirit and kindness.
    Thank you for teaching me πŸ™.

  2. Me encanta este proyecto! Acabo de ver el video y soy muy feliz 😁 de que hagas esto mi querido Pity! Te quiero muchΓ­simo! πŸ’œπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’•

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