In this article I will introduce this Mexican organisation, their activities, facilities and some of the kids living there right now and how we can help.

Una Nueva Esperanza (UNE) is located in Puebla, a major Mexican city with around 3 Million inhabitants, located just south of Mexico City. The so called “City of Angels” is famous for its architecture, churches and food.

The organisation was founded in 1999 and focused initially on providing medical services to kids in the Children Hospital of Puebla. In 2005 they went a step further and opened a 16-room hostel for kids in need. Over the next years they continuously enlarged their services for the little patients such as schooling, nutrition, medicament related and psychological support. This included several enlargements of the facilities as well.

In 2015 they were able to establish an oncological center at their premises together with the Public University of Puebla and since then are able to provide a comprehensive investigation and treatment to the little patients!
Since 1999 UNE was able to support more than 1300 kids and teenagers. Only in the year 2020 they provided help to more than 240 little patients.

You can find a virtual tour through the premises of Una Nueva Esperanza by clicking on the below button.

Here are some stories of hope from Mexico, that motivated me to start on this journey:


The smallest of 4 siblings comes from Huehuetla, a town 6 hours away from Puebla. Ely was diagnosed with Lymphoblastic Leukemia when she was 2 years and 11 months old. It started with fever and they thought she got an infection, but she didn’t get better. Afterwards she became pale, weaker and she couldn’t walk anymore. She was send to Puebla because in her town no medical investigation or treatment is possible.

Her mother Carmen explains, that it was very hard because she had to leave her other kids behind at home. Due to the distance to her home, she stayed 2 years at Una Nueva Esperanza. Remembering this, Carmen’s smile disappears from her face, however, after in total 3 years of treatment, her daughter is much better and under surveillance.

Ely is now in the first class of primary school and since she participated in schooling activities, she was eager to go to school to be able to learn and thanks to all the help she received, she can take back her live into her own hands.


Julio is 8 years old and comes from Teziutlán. Juana, his mother, told us that they need 4 hours to go to Puebla. Julio is the smallest of 5 siblings. On 27th of July last year he was diagnosed with Myeloid Leukemia, a type of cancer in which the bone marrow makes a large number of abnormal blood cells. That’s why they came to Una Nueva Esperanza (UNE), where they were received so well, that it feels like having a new family.

The situation still is complicated because beside the worries about Julio’s disease, they left the rest of the family behind, which needs to take are of the grandmother as well. Julio misses going to school, because he likes to study. His favourite subject is math. He is always waiting for the teacher to arrive at UNE. He also enjoys playing basketball and soccer and wants to become a goal keeper. Food wise he likes Tacos with beans and when he talks about this dish he starts to smile and his eyes begin to glow.


She is 6 years old and goes to the first class of primary school. Very excited she explains that she can already write and that her favourite subject is to explore nature. She is originally from Puebla and with 2 years of age she got diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Her hobbies are playing with her mom, being a princess, soccer and she loves the festivals that take place every months at Una Nueva Esperanza because there are clowns and a lot of games to play.
She likes to eat chilaquiles, fruits and ice cream. Later on she wants to become a doctor because she wants to make injections that don’t hurt as much as they hurt her. She also wants to be a nurse because those are always good persons.

The below content is in Spanish but the video and the official internet page of Una Nueva Esperanza will help you to see the installations, services and the environment where children get a new hope.

Introduction to the organisation Una Nueva Esperanza (in Spanish)

Official Internet Page of Una Nueva Esperanza:

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