How to make a donation?

Donations can be made via the link that you find on
This link will bring you to the page which provides an easy to use way of processing donations offering PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer.
If you need some assistance, as the page is in German, the below screenshots might help (but it’s really easy):

You can also send money via WeChat to me by scanning the below QR code (particularly interesting if you are in China). I will forward this money to the account afterwards.

What means “Velosperanza”?

“Velo” = stands for bicycle
“speranza” = comes from the Spanish word “esperanza” or the Italian “speranza” both meaning hope
I came up with this name as I want to give hope to the children in need with my bicycle tour 🙂

UPDATE: What route will I take and how long is it?

Short version: From Trondheim to Tarifa is my route and it will be approximately 6.000km long.
Longer version: I intend to start in Trondheim, Norway, drive along the west coast of Norway, maybe continue to Sweden but that will be a spontaneous decision, take the ferry to Denmark, drive all the way down through Denmark and Germany, cross the Alpes in Austria and Italy, turning west through north Italy until I reach the south coast of France, continue on the Mediterranean coast until I reach Spain, either continue on the coast or take another route in Spain (will depend on tipps along the way and if I want to have ocean or other countryside), arrive in Tarifa 🙂
Update: Due to COVID19 related travel restrictions I am not able to enter Norway. Therefore I have decided to start my tour in Oestersund, Sweden, instead.

Need a map? Ok here we go:

Why is the target set to 40.000 EURO of donations?

Well, I had to pick a number so we can all work on a common target. Two reasons led me to this particular number.
Firstly, 400 Euros are needed for 1 chemotherapy, so I thought 100 chemotherapies might be a nice target.
Secondly, I will turn 40 by the end of September (probably not yet arrived in Tarifa) and 40.000 Euro of donations for my 40s birthday sounds like a nice present 🙂

How can you get in contact with me?

You can leave comments below my posts, follow the Velosperanza instagram account, or write me an email to I will be happy to receive your messages 🙂