Let’s have fun :)

INSTRUCTIONS for this video:

  • put on your headphones
  • turn the volume up
  • don’t be shy to dance or sing
  • relax, enjoy and HAVE FUN

I have been serious a lot in the last weeks. After 1.900km and 24 days on the bike, I will leave Sweden tomorrow. I was nervous, focused and it was physically and mentally challenging this first part of Velosperanza! Well, in the end I have a lot of expectations towards me and the charity, which creates tension.

But beside all the seriousness of this charity and in general in our lives, I learned that’s is equally important to relax ourselves, to rest after work, to let the mind be and just HAVE FUN sometimes.

This is to motivate you to do this, let go and have a moment of joy. Allow the child in you to come out and appreciate this wonderful moment, of which lives gives us so many every day!

HAVE FUN my friends and send me tour videos while dancing!!!

Yours, Peter

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