Hola, I am Julio, 8 years old and I come from Teziutlán. Me and my mother Juana need 4 hours to travel to Puebla. I have 4 siblings and I am the youngest amongst them. On 27th of July last year I was diagnosed with myeloid leukemia, a type of cancer in which the bone marrow makes a large number of abnormal blood cells. That’s why I came with my mother to Una Nueva Esperanza (UNE), where we were received so well, that it feels like having a new family. 

The situation still is complicated because beside the worries about my disease, we left the rest of the family behind and they needs to take care of our grandmother as well. I miss going to school, because I like to study. My favourite subject is math. I also enjoy playing basketball and soccer and want to become a goal keeper. I love Mexican Tacos with beans and I have to smile when I think about this delicious food.

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