I’m starting from scratch, in Denmark!

Velosperanza is over since a few months and many things have happened.

I’m living now in Denmark, to be specific in the city of Vejle. I have started to learn danish and windsurfing and are getting slowly into the local vibes.

I have also started my own business, a life coaching business.
I am supporting private or business related clients in getting new perspectives of their challenges and increase their life’s quality. As always when you start, it can be quite overwhelming, so I want to stay patient and give it time. I also plan to start my own Yoga business in summer, so I have lots of plans and my challenge is to stay focussed.

I enjoy Denmark a lot as the nature is so beautiful and gives me the chance to relax when needed.

Velosperanza gave me the strength to try new things, to not listen to my inner voices full of doubts, but to simply try, try and try.

Stay in touch and take care!

Yours, Peter

If you want to get in touch with me, feel free to contact me via https://www.peterschlatt.com

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