Do you sometimes have this feeling inside of you that you want to have a more adventurous life, that you want to overcome your fear and limitations that you have in your mind accumulated from past years, that you wanna spend time by yourself to get to know yourself better and understand certain patterns in your life?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I am feeling like this since almost a year now and I decided to transfer this feeling into action.

Hi, I’m Peter and with 39 years I quit my job at a large automotive company, for which I worked almost 19 years. Somehow the context of a big enterprise wasn’t for me anymore. I’m very grateful and blessed to have worked in this environment as it allowed me to grow, travel the world and meet many great persons.
But in the end such enterprises are (mostly) not people centric, they are business centric and somewhat I felt that I want to focus more on people than I did before in my career. At the same time I felt so much more motivated to work as a yoga teacher on weekends, that I had to make a change. That’s why I stepped out.

You will not regret the things that you tried in your life but the things you did not.

For now I have set an intention to become a life coach. I feel that I can use many of my talents in this area plus it could allow me also to change my lifestyle and live more independent regarding location and time.
Still, I wanna give this transition time and allow myself to grow into the role of a life coach. The project Velosperanza could be a good bridge towards a new professional role as well….we will see 🙂

Beside my work as a yoga and mediation teacher, I love to be in nature and surely such a trip will allow me to do that. In the past 5 years I didn’t have too many opportunities for that as I was staying in Beijing, China, and living in a big city most of the time means also living far away from nature. The time in China was really great and full of transformations for me. I had many realisations about life, about myself and made so many new friends that are truly inspiring and supportive in many ways.

I also enjoy having a spiritual morning routine. Usually I do Yoga, some breath work and mediation. I can ground myself with this routine and it’s like an anchor of the day to set yourself up for a good and positive day ahead.
I also enjoy swimming and running but surely right now I need to focus on riding a bike. Luckily my hometown Bocholt is a bike town and the surroundings are extremely nice with lots of castles, flat countryside and well marked bicycle trails.
Music is also very important to me. Beside listening to Mantras or other relaxing sounds, which I do quite frequently, I am playing the drums. I started as a rock and metal drummer and continuously I am integrating more and more other kinds of music into the portfolio.
Being around people with great energy is not only a hobby…it clearly what all of us need. Moving to China was tough in a way that your physically close friends are no longer close and maintaining relationships via FaceTime etc. is possible but surely shows limitations. The ‘new tribe’ I met in Beijing was absolutely awesome and now, again, I moved away and need to find and built a new tribe. 🙂

Since almost 3 years I am on a vegan diet. When my wife switched to a gluten-free diet and had a lot of health related improvements, I realized how important food is. Over the time of a year we started to transition into a vegan diet, not necessarily with the intention to go 100% vegan, but to try and observe what’s good for us.
Long story short: we ended up becoming vegan and it was one o f the best decisions in my life as I am so full of energy and simply healthy. My favourite dish are fruit bowls that I eat every morning if I can. Yummy!

I hope to get in touch with you either on this page or via instagram. Most importantly I ask you to support my trip in the way you can do it. Be it a donation, spreading this project to your friends or some mental support and feedback on the road…all help is welcome! 🙂

Thanks for your interest and let’s keep in touch.