12.05.21: What an exciting day! Two reasons to celebrate today.

Velosperanza for the first time on Radio and I got my first vaccine!

Clearly the COVID19 related travel restrictions are one of the biggest threats to the Velosperanza project and I have been worrying about this ever since. This week is again a good example on how life can change quickly, fuel us with new energy and teaches us to leave our fears and doubts behind.

I was one of the lucky persons to reach out to a doctor here in Bocholt, who, to my surprise, had one open spot for the AstraZeneca vaccine. As my trip would be much easier having a vaccine, I didn’t hesitate and took the chance. Today I got my first shot, which gives me hope for a good and smooth start of my trip.

On top of this, I received a call from our local Radio Station WMW – Westmuensterland Welle and had my first short interview about the Velosperanza project and my intentions. What a great opportunity to talk to them and slowly start to let people know about my summer project.

You can listen to the interview right here (in German)…

…and/or go to the related article of the radio station (interview in German).

Now I will relax and digest my first vaccine before continuing the training.

Bye bye,

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