Hola, I am Ely, the smallest of 4 siblings and I live in Huehuetla, a town 6 hours away from Puebla. I was diagnosed with Lymphoblastic Leucemia when I was 2 years and 11 months old. It started with fever and I thought I have an infection, but it didn’t got better. Afterwards I became pale, weaker and couldn’t walk anymore. I was send to the big city of Puebla because in my town no medical investigation or treatment is possible. 

For my mother Carmen this was very hard because she had to leave my other siblings behind at home. Due to the large distance to my home, I stayed 2 consecutive years at Una Nueva Esperanza. Although this was a tough time for me and my family, I feel much better now.

I am now in the first class of primary school. Since I started to go to school in Una Nueva Esperanza I always liked it. I am happy that I can learn new things and that I can take back my live into my own hands.

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