28.09. – A special day

Today is my 40th birthday… but actually I feel like my birthday was 6 months ago when I stopped my long term work at Daimler and began a new chapter in my life.
To boil it down to one point: I was and still am looking for more meaningful “human to human” interaction both privately and professionally.

I began a 6.000km bicycle tour through Europe in connection with a charity for Mexican children with cancer called „Velosperanza“. So far and with your great support we can help 34 kids to get their chemotherapies paid!!

Why all this?
Because caring for others is the most powerful route to healing yourself and supporting self-realization.
On top being on the bike with myself for the last 12 weeks teached me that the most important dialogue is the one we have with ourselves. It’s never too late to begin self-improvement and the search for meaning.
I’m not saying I have fully found my ‘new way’ yet but I can say that I truly enjoy the search a lot and grow with it every day!

I’m deeply grateful that life has given me this opportunity!
Thanks for accompanying me on this personal adventure and charity so far.


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