5th training day ended with a nice surprise today :)

How roasted almonds give me hope

Today was a great excursion from my hometown to the city of Emmerich and back, around 73km in total.
On my way I saw lots of stork and luckily only a few warm rain drop came down.
The highlight was the end of the trip: about 15km away from home in front of a park I saw a booth offering roasted nuts, popcorn etc. I turned in, bought some roasted almonds and a few other bikers started asking me about my bike and all the baggage. It was the first time on the road talking to strangers about my project, so that was exciting and a good test 🙂 And they were so encouraging and interested and want to follow the project. Afterwards I had also a great chat with Ludwig, the shop owner, who also supported my idea.

That gives me tons of energy to continue!!!

For him COVID19 is a tough time as no festivals take place where he can place his booth. But still he was thinking about making a donation this year and that’s really a great move.
My day ended well with a spontaneously bought package of delicious roasted almonds.
Thanks to Ludwig Wittler from Wesel for placing his booth right there 🙂

Talk to you soon!


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  1. Lieber Ludwig, liebe Angela!
    Vielen Dank für Euren Kommentar. Es war so nett euch kennengelernt zu haben und Eure positive Energie nehme ich gerne mit.
    Alles Gute, einen erfolgreichen Sommer und bis bald, Peter

  2. Durch Zufall stand er am 09.05. vor unserem Geschäft am Anholter Tierpark.
    Das Fahhrad voll bepackt und in bester Laune 🙂 so kamen wir ins Gespräch.
    Von Trondheim nach Tarifa Spanien 6000km mit dem Rad für einen guten Zweck 🚴‍♂‍☝‍
    Hilfe für krebskranke Kinder in Mexiko ♥️
    Wir sind dabei mit einer Spende und wir wünschen Dir, lieber Peter, viel Glück auf Deiner Reise, immer einen guten Platz zum Übernachten, viele positive Begegnungen 🌈♥️🍀 die Dir Kraft und Energie geben auf Deinem Weg 🧘‍♂‍ und natürlich viele Spenden❗
    Liebe Grüße
    Ludwig und Angela Wittler

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