29.11. – Day #89: Short and intense

I will not forget this day:
After having a look at the beautiful sunrise, I wanted to start but first had to fix my front tire.
Finally on the road I realized that the wind was so strong, that I could not continue. It literally pushed me off the street and I wasn’t able to stay safe on the mountain roads with unexpected traffic. I stopped in the next town, went to a campsite and rented a small camper for a night. The wind is much better by now and hopefully it will stay like that tomorrow 🙂

But there was something else:
I felt physically exhausted today already at the first (and only) hill and with the frustration of the wind and the unexpected pause, I also could feel my mental exhaustion. Although my life on the bike is simple, that doesn’t mean my mind is also putting it that way.
Meditation and a nice afternoon nap allowed me to reconnect to myself, my strength and self-love.
This was a short day on the bike but an even more important one allowing me to reflect.
I guess by the end of this trip it’s time for letting all those emotions and energies flow…!

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