28.11. – Day #88: Fruits for the world

Day 88: Yesterday I had a relaxed day in Almería. I went up a hill to see the remains of a castle and strolled through the little streets.
This morning I had a chilly start with 8 degrees but riding in the sun makes a big difference now and today I had plenty of it.
I drove through thousands of greenhouses with oranges, zucchini and tomatoes. So if you ever wonder where your fruits come from, I have a pretty good idea now.
The houses and people here look a little more African / Arabic. I can sense that there was and is a certain influence in this southern part of Spain.
I have 4 more days = 310km left to reach my target Tarifa 🙂
I count on your support during these last couple of days.
Muchos Saludos!

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