28.10. – Day #68: French Flamingos

Nature wise today was a total highlight. All these beautiful beaches at the Côte d’Azur, the wineries, great cycle roads and even Flamingos made this day a short one.
When it came to finding a campground I had to struggle a bit. I decided to skip the 1st possible campground as I still felt fresh and wanted to cover some kilometers before tomorrow’s rain. 2 campgrounds and 20km later I was standing at the 4th and heard again: “we are full”. As the season is over but they have holidays in France, all remaining campsites are packed. In the end I had to ask twice and explain my situation (with a bike your energy is limited and you cannot go another 20-30km when it’s already 6 pm) and then they offered me this super nice “tent house” where I could cook and eat at a table and sleep in a bed. Pure luxury!!
And because I covered so many kilometers, I will reach Marseille tomorrow and stay there for 2 nights…looking forward!
Bonne nuit,

I will upload more pictures once I have more storage 🙂

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