28.07. – Day #16: Finally in Kalmar

After yesterday’s rain it was nice to start with a dry morning and a breakfast with my German campground neighbors.
I knew I had to cycle 100km so I started early around 8. The fresh smell in the forest after the rain was so good in the morning. A real treat for the lungs.
I had a small lunch on the way before meeting two polish bikers on the road. As it started to rain again it was good to have company. It’s much easier and traveling seems faster when riding with someone. We found shelter in 2 bus stations for the worst part of the thunderstorms.
After 100km and almost 9 hours, I reached the city of Kalmar in the southeast of Sweden. My first impressions are very nice and the city center is located on a small island. From this island a 6km long bridge connects Kalmar and the island of Öland. I will stay here for 3 days to be able to attend an online training.
My legs definitely need a break as I cycled 400km in the last 4 days to reach this bigger city. I might go into the sauna and have a massage if possible.
Bye bye

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