27.08. – Day #35: Carrying the world on your shoulders

Imagine you are 7 years old, have lived a usual life of a kid with caring parents, friends and hobbies.
And then suddenly you are diagnosed with cancer! In this moment everything changes!
You carry the burden of a many times terminal disease on your young shoulders. I have a hard time imagining how that really must feel especially when you don’t have access nor the financials to good medical treatment.

Una Nueva Esperanza (details here in my separate article) is filling exactly this gap and provides an infrastructure of care to those kids and families filling their lives with new hope!
If you want to get involved and help young kids, please support my charity via the link in the first comment

Regarding my travel day:
After a nice breakfast with last night’s host family, I started along the river of Elbe eastwards. I had lunch in famous Gorleben (due to conflicts about an atomic disposal place), before heading south. I was super lucky with the rain with only 2 smaller showers but beautiful rain clouds around me. When passing by a brewery some bikers told me to stop and have a beer as they enjoyed the organic brew. It was delicious indeed and we had a nice bike-talk.
After passing Lüchow I reached tonight’s hosts, a few young people that live together at a farmhouse. Lovely place and we gonna have pizza and drinks together.

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