27.07. – Days #14 &15: Road People

The nature on days 14 & 15 on the bike were not that spectacular. Although the landscapes repeat themselves they are still beautiful but the highlights were on the people side this time.
I met Mathilde, another biker from Belgium, and we shared 1 day on the road together. We said goodbye in the nice city of Västervik.
I enjoy to have good company sometimes while I usually spend most of the day on my own.
Together we also met this German couple driving around with an oldtimer VW Bulli with 425000km on the clock. They overtook us 3 times and then we saw them having a break so we stopped and said “Guten Tag”.
After a long and rainy day on the road today, I made it to a campground where some Germans received me with a beer ☺️ The beer and a warm shower put a nice end to this day.
Tomorrow I will cycle to the city of Kalmar where I will rest for a few days to attend an online coaching class.
Bye bye

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  1. Danke liebe Monika 🙂

  2. Sehr schöne Bilder und Kommentare.
    Wünsche Peter, weiterhin eine gute Reise, viel Erfolg und immer nette Gesellschaft

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