26.08. – Day #34: Elbe river

After some rain during the night I packed the wet tent, had a short chat with a fisher who put his gear next to my tent in the early morning and started to drive.
Today I spent the whole day along the river Elbe. I crossed a nice forest and enjoyed the fresh, humid air after the rain.
When the sun came out I made a late breakfast break and dried my tent.
Afterwards I crossed nice little towns with beautiful old houses and drove through classical river landscapes.
As I’m following the former border between east and west Germany, I could already see some remaining control towers. For more than 28 years, from 1961 – 1989, Germany (and Europe) were divided. I will follow this former border in the next days and give more information about the places I will visit.
In the end I took a cute little ferry to reach my final destination, again a nice town called Hitzacker. I will stay here with a family that offered this online as it’s supposed to rain again.
Bye bye, Peter

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