24.09. – Day #55: Ready for a break

Day 55 was a rather short one in the bike. I had my breakfast in front of the lake Iseo. I really like this lake a lot as it’s way smaller and tranquil than lake Garda.
I felt a deep sensation of gratitude for being able to see such places and that it was my own decisions that brought me to there.

Afterwards I went 40km to the airport of Bergamo, crossed a few villages but stayed on the main road for most of the time.
As my 40th birthday is coming up next week, I decided to make some “holidays” which means I will make a 1 week break from cycling. I think my muscles will be happy as well 🙂

I will be back on the bike October 3rd and will go to some spectacular coastal areas in Italy.

Bye for now!

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