23.07. – Stockholm

Yesterday, on my first full day in Stockholm, I took an eScooter for a big round across the islands and enjoyed wonderful views of a beautiful city.
Back in the city center I felt like a stranger. I guess being so close with nature in the past 2 weeks makes me more sensitive to streets, hustle, stores, traffic…I’m kind of looking forward being on the bike again.
How different the days and energies can be when you spend them in a city or in nature. I can only tell that they are very different and the environment we place ourselves in matters a lot when it comes to our inner peace and wellbeing.

Highlight of the day was Gustav, as he repaired my bike with the spare parts I got. Although I hadn’t booked an appointment, although he was anyway busy and in the end he didn’t even charged me for it. That’s true kindness and I’m very grateful for it!

Today I took a boat to see the archipelago which consists of many little islands. There are so many of them that I missed my stop and had to take back a more complicated route 🙂

It felt good to be outside in nature again and tomorrow I think I will be happy to be on the bike again. I already went to the supermarket and put new oil on the bike chain. So I’m ready.
I have approximately 500km to Göteborg, so there is still some time left in Sweden.
Tonight I plan to walk around the city to get a little Friday night atmosphere.

See you tomorrow,


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