22.08. – Day #31: Bull escape

I went further south as I want to reach Hamburg tomorrow. The day was smooth, little wind, some rain but not too heavy and the temperature was nice for biking.
The unexpected part happened when I arrived at my designated campsite. I was just about to unpack when all the cows around me started making noises very loud. Then I saw a big bull approaching me and he was not in an enclosure. He had escaped and walked on the same path I came. Plus he seemed angry or excited…ups!
I quickly grabbed my helmet, jumped on the bike and drove 30-40 meters away. The bull was standing exactly where my tent was supposed to be and he was nervous like all cows around (see the video below).
I decided to drive to the last town and met a person on the way. After a phone call the farmer showed up. He rushed with his car to the bull, put him back in his enclosure and recommended me to camp somewhere else as the bull had left pee and poo everywhere and dug deep into the ground.
I am now at a field maybe 100 meters away. I hope no more bulls show up tonight.
Now it’s raining so I had dinner in the tent where it’s nicely warm!
Moo moo!

Lindaunis Bridge

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