20.08. – Day #29: From wooden shelter to wooden shelter

Day 29 started after a good rest in a shelter. Instead of allowing wildcamping as in Sweden, Denmark has an impressive infrastructure of wooden shelters incl. basics like water and WC. That makes traveling really easy.
I had a dry day that took me to the city of Kolding. I got my rear break repaired as it had some air in the tube. I also had a lovely lunch there in a nice bar. I noticed it was Friday when everyone had a beer around 02:30pm and live music started. It was a little hard to leave that relaxed and joyful place.
Afterwards I continued south and enjoyed the partially cloudy but sunny afternoon. I met two German cyclists from Augsburg on the road and we had a nice chat. Greetings to them at this point 🙂
I reached Haderlev, where I will stay at a shelter place, but I will sleep in my tent as the shelters are taken by a larger group. They nicely offered me to stay in a wooden shelter but another night in the tent is also nice and cosy.
It’s gonna be my last night of in total 10 in Denmark already. Sometimes I feel like time is running although I’m slowing down.
I have mixed feelings entering Germany. It might be a little harder to find a campground unless I start using apps that connect me to people offering a place to camp. I will see how far spontaneity will bring me in the first days.
Bye bye for now,

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