19.09. – Day #51: Downhill, downhill, downhill

Today I could enjoy the luxury of slow, constant downhill sections as I am defending from the Alpes. I passed by Sterzing and Brixen before arriving in Bozen. The mountain air is so nice and even the rain I had in the last 30km didn’t harm too much as it was warm and the air even better.
When you enter a new country you never know what to expect, but the Brenner bicycle infrastructure is impressive. You follow a bike dedicated path, lots of directional signs and a paved road – perfect for rolling down the whole day 🙂

Donation wise we have reached 33 chemotherapies!
It’s incredible you guys support this so much and I can’t wait to see the kids we are helping here in Mexico one day !!
Thank you and bye,

Video impressions of today

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