18.6.21: 394km, 4 days, 1 fall

Last week I went on my second longer trip with the bike and I am slowly developing a daily routine.

I took the chance to visit a coaching colleague in the beautiful Teutoburger Wald last week.
I needed 2 days to reach the famous forest, where I stayed for two nights before returning home.
Overall it is still quite tough to be on the bike every day with the need to drive almost 100km per day. During my long trip I definitely plan to reduce the daily kilometers at least at the beginning. Instead I plan to do more breaks, take the time to meet people or visit interesting places on the way.
I also introduced a meditation break. I simply love it to find a quiet place where I can sit, rest and find time for myself. Nature is providing us with so much potential for relaxation and contemplation that I plan to use it as often as I can.
You can listen to the sounds of nature during my meditation. I recorded them and will do more of this.

To spend more time in nature I tried to not have breakfast in the morning but started right away on the bike for 1 hour. Then I searched a cosy place to have breakfast which I really enjoy as this is another chance to be in nature and in silence.
I noticed that when you are riding your bike through nature the whole day and reach a city in the afternoon, the noise is quite heavy. I saw the same difference when starting early morning without any cars in the street. It’s so peaceful and many animals are active during that time. Once the cars are on the street around 07:30am the noise takes over.

One day in a sharp curve with deeper gravel I fell off the bike. The back wheel lost grip immediately so I learned my lesson to approach such curves more carefully. Luckily I only have a few scratches.

Overall I have more than 1.000km on my bike right now. Enough to prepare for the final technical check and for the big trip.

I can’t wait to start. I read this before that the worst part of such a trip is the waiting time. By now I know what this means.

I hope to get started in about 2 – 3 weeks and I will surely announce the details here.

Bye bye for now,


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