18.09. – Day #50: To the top

This day does not only have a special number but it was also quite eventful!

I had the plan to cross the Alpes at the Brenner passage. But instead of staying in the valley and cross the quickest way, I had the intention to climb up a mountain and cross the border to Italy up there to enjoy the beautiful views. I knew that this track I had to take is very steep and my bike and luggage not really suitable. Yesterday I met a local biker who also said that it would be very tough.

So I began this day very early not knowing if I would and could climb that particular mountain.
After an exhausting little mountain I had to pass I was full of doubts about the big mountain to come.
When I arrived after 45km and 4 hours at that mountain I wasn’t able to not try it. I kept that believe in me that I will regret things I haven’t tried, so I gave it a chance.

After 1.5 hours in my ascent i reached a restaurant on the mountain. The plate of Spaghetti kind of saved my life as I was already pretty exhausted. 🙂
I had another 500 altitude meters to go and the steepest part ahead. In the end I pushed my bike up that mountain and reached the top after 3.5hours. I was overwhelmed that I made it and didn’t listen to my thoughts (and other opinions). Quite an emotional moment today!
The reward was a 3 hours ride along the mountain with spectacular views of the Alpes.
I really love the mountains and this was therefore the best day so far when it comes to landscapes and personal challenges.

I learned a lot today – especially to always trust in myself and try something before judging or discontinuing an idea.

Now I’m exhausted and happy and look forward to my bed.


The day as video

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