18.07. – Day #9: It was a long day

Day 9 on the bike was a long one. Yesterday night I chatted with some Dutch neighbors and bikers at the campground and then went to bed. I knew that it could become a longer day.

On the road I met 2 biker couples at the same time, that was unique as I usually don’t see many other bikers. They were from Belgium and the Netherlands.

The route today took me on main roads but also into the forest. I had to change the route because my navigation wanted to send me into a small trail again. But it was too narrow so I had to turn around.

For the night I first intended to reach a campground close to the city of Gävle. But then I somehow wanted to do wildcamping again and thought I could go in a park. I first visited the city and had dinner before going to the park. But it was too busy and full with students playing frisbee so I had to search for 1 more hour to find a place for me and my tent. I am now close to a little town on the side of a forest road on uneven ground. So the day was quite exhausting also because I did more than 100km.
I am happy to be in my tent now to rest and relax. The trouble of not finding a campground after such a long day puts me into a sad mood somehow. I hope I have a good sleep tonight.
Bye bye

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