17.08.: Vejle & Greetings from Mexico

The weather was much better today so I took a tour through the city of Vejle. In the harbour they have this special building called Fjordenhus in the water, where 16 employees of LEGO are working…not sure why such a building for this purpose but the architecture is nice!
A lot of new buildings where constructed in the harbour so I took a tour in the bike to check it out.
I also maintained my bike, cleaned the dirty, sandy chain and checked air pressure.
Either tomorrow or the day after I will continue my journey. I will allow myself to look at the weather forecast first as Denmark had a lot of rain and wind for me so far.

I also received a video from Mexico. The clowns came to visit the kids and showed them my video where I shaved my head. I love to see the kids sending me greetings. Nothing motivates me more than bringing a smile and hope to their young lives…with your help! 🙂

Have a good evening!

Greetings from Mexico

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