17.07. – Day #8: I reached 500km on a relaxed day

Day 8 on the bike was without surprises. It started with a morning swim (it was cold) and a meditation session with my tent neighbors. I travelled mostly on main roads southward, crossed the city of Söderhamn and ended up at a large campground with ocean access.
It was a little emotional today as I reached the 500km. A few weeks ago I was still full of doubts and fears if this trip could really happen and now I am in the middle of it. It’s very rewarding to overcome your fears and it’s important to see that they were only constructions in my mind and not reality.
Thanks to everyone supporting me and the charity up to this point. I am very grateful about Velosperanza.
In the next days I am approaching the cities of Uppsala and Stockholm. I am looking forward seeing them.
Have a good evening,


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