16.11. – Day #82: A barber’s wisdom

Today was a little longer in distance but overall a very smooth ride.
I left Valencia in the morning following the coastline. I crossed a nature reserve and enjoyed my lunch at the (empty) beach and crossed some ghost towns without tourists.

Yesterday I went to get my hair cut and met Manolo in his Barber shop. He shared his exciting life story of becoming a Barber like his father and with having a house and car he met all the expectations. But he felt that something was not ok, so he sold everything and went 3 years to Cuba. After a while he decided to come back to Spain but he left his hometown and moved to Valencia. After working a while for other barbers he realized that the business was too stressful. So he opened his own store in which he can decided how much time he wants to block for a hair cut instead of being forced into a strict schedule. To me this was very inspiring as it was so bold to change his life and move to Cuba. Also I learned that you do not necessarily change your profession but when you change the context in which you do it, it can make a big difference.
Wish you well, Manolo!!

Tomorrow I will only have 50km and I look forward to spend some time resting in the sun!

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