15.08. – Day #27: Happy End after flat tire

It rained over night so I was happy to see the sun in the morning warming me up and drying the tent.
I cycled around 20km in the northern part of the island Samsø seeing nice farmhouses, a coastal nature reserve and farmland.
Afterwards I took a ferry to the mainland and began to drive south. Denmark proved once again that it is not a flat country. I had many hills and strong headwind so my progress was slow. On top it started to rain. But it’s ok to have those days, especially when you know that you going to have a warm shower at night as I’m visiting a friend of mine in Vejle.
When I was 12km away from my destination I had a flat tire. Mentally I was already having my hot shower but those things always happen without warning. 🙂 This time it was the back wheel which is a little more complicated to repair due to the gearshift and because I have to take off all the luggage and turn the bike upside down. But everything went smooth and I found the glas that made the hole.
With delay I made it to Vejle, enjoyed a warm shower and also a wonderful talk over dinner.
It’s nice to see someone familiar and socialize again. I noticed that I didn’t have that for a while.
Tomorrow I will stay in Vejle to relax, buy supplies and do some maintenance on the bike.
Have a good night,

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