14.11. -Day #81: 6.000km to Valencia

It was (again) a long day today but I felt really energetic. As I spontaneously stayed with my friends yesterday I had to cover some more ground today.
I started along the coast on a nice bike trail, passed by the city of Castellón and reached finally beautiful Valencia.
I was able to ride 80% on paved cycle paths which made it very easy today…and all the orange and mandarin plantations gave me a nice companionship!
It seems that my bike (probably the drivetrain) is losing some oil. It should be ok to continue like that but it’s not a very nice feeling. I will observe this in the next day and see how it goes.

I also reached 6.000 km and sometimes I can’t believe that I already went that far.
6.000km was my initial estimation for this trip but I will continue until I reach Tarifa which is another 950km.

Please continue to support me and the charity!! 🙂

Tomorrow I will take a day off here to see the city and relax my muscles. I had many long days in the last days so I want to take it easy.
Will share more about Valencia tomorrow and now I will go to a sauna! 🙂

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