14.10. – Day #64: Cliffs

Day 64 took me again along the coast, this time from Varazze to Albenga.
After a beautiful sunrise I could most of the time enjoy ocean views while the road was winding around the cliffs.
As there were no mountains to climb I arrived early at my destination and was able to relax a bit at the beach.
Tomorrow and the day after I will face some more hills again so this rest was good.

Tomorrow I will already leave Italy after 15 days on the bike. I saw big contrasts from the Alpes and the lakes to the countryside and finally the coast. Obviously I had a lot of pizza and pasta but Iā€™m also looking forward to a change in food choices. The Italians are also enthusiastic about cycling. So many cheered to me on the road which is always a great moment. Grazie! šŸ™‚

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