14.08. – Day #26: Wind, rain and hills

I had an early start today as I intended to do 73km to reach a ferry at 12:20. On the way I realized that due to the strong headwind and topography plus a rain break, I most likely won’t make it on time. So I said: I will try hard and if I don’t make it, it’s also fine.
That attitude helped me today, without pressure to succeed, I simply enjoyed the “competition” against the clock…and I arrived 2 minutes before the ferry left. That was quite rewarding after I endured what bikers usually don’t like, which is rain, strong wind and continues hills.

So now I am at the island of Somsø at a beach campground. It was a sunny afternoon here and I took a rest after the tough morning I got race. Tomorrow I will explore the island a little and head on with another ferry to the mainland of Denmark.
Have a great evening – I am cooking now in front of the ocean and listen to some African guitar music. 🙂

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