14.07. – this was the first week already

Wow, the first week of Velosperanza is already over. I was so busy with getting used to the new environment that time flew by.
So far I feel good on the roads, packing and unpacking is not yet a routine and whatever you search it’s always hidden in the other bag at the bottom. 🙂

In the evenings there is almost no time for a rest. I have too many things to do like cooking, cleaning, repairing the bike etc.
I met some helpful people and received a lot of smiles, which kept me going. It’s still weird that this is my life now for the next 3-4 months.
I was also impressed by the donations as we can already finance 13 chemotherapies. Thank you all and please keep on following and promoting Velosperanza.

Right now my leg muscles are pretty sore so I made a break today. Tomorrow I will go hiking in a nature reserve to bring a different movement to my legs. Friday I will be on the road again following the coast southwards.

Have a great evening everyone!

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