12.11. – Day #79: It was a tough day

Puh…what a day!
I woke up this morning with low energy, feeling anxious and not really motivated.
Starting on the bike it was warm but very windy, rainy and with a hill to climb right at the start. Knowing that I intended to go 100km today and facing all this, made me quite frustrated.
The navigation decided on top to send me into a tiny dark tunnel and to a dead end (a beautiful beach but without a bike path). 🙂
I told myself that this day wants to teach me patience. And thinking about the kids and their families in Mexico that are trying to manage a cancer diagnosis put my issues into a new context.
That thought and a few more kilometers on the clock helped my energies to come back. In the end I enjoyed the 2nd half of today and learned a lot about the ups and downs and to stay calm and move on…just like in “real” life, right?
Hasta mañana,

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