12.08.: Copenhagen

It’s impossible to provide an overview about this city in one post, nor have I seen anything after a day. 🙂
I had a late breakfast in a very busy cafe. After such a long COVID related lockdown period it feels almost weird to be surrounded by people again.
I took an eBike around the city and a boat tour through the harbour. It’s absolutely breathtaking how great, open minded, alternative, luxurious this city is…all at once. You can see that is was and is a rich place.
Still, I always have a funny feeling inside of me when entering a big, busy city. I feel like nature gives me so much more balance while the city offers tons of distractions and makes you feel in a hurry.
I will enjoy this evening and even more when I’m on my bike again tomorrow. Then I can slow down again.

I will make shorter trips in Denmark to spent some more time here. I might just do 40 or 50km per day.

Lastly: thank you for all the amazing feedback about me cutting off my hair. It’s a little thing but maybe it can bring our attention for a little while to the kids that lose their hair against their will and need to fight every day….

See you tomorrow in the bike,

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