12.07.: Day #5 – Enjoy the now

Highlights of today were seeing the ocean and the conversation I had with a Dutch couple

Today was more relaxed as I figured that the last days were a little too much for my legs.
I used the morning in the city of Sundsvall to make a supply run and left after a delicious lunch at a vegan cafe.
Reaching the ocean is always a great Komet. Although yesterday I was technically already at the ocean I couldn’t really access it. Ocean views are always great and there are less mosquitoes.

When I drove by a small campground I saw 2 “neighbours” from the Netherlands. I just stopped to say “hi” and they invited me to sit with them and we ended up talking about life. They adopted 2 children from Colombia so they have an idea how beautiful Latin American countries and cultures are but how difficult life can also be. The message they repeatedly said was clear: enjoy every moment and stay in the now as you never know what comes next. And be open to whatever life is throwing at you.
Reminds me of my favorite Eckhart Tolle teachings!

No plans yet for tomorrow other than checking out the fishing village. Trying to enjoy the NOW.

Bye bye,

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