11.10. – Day #62: Tunnels

On day 62 I left the beautiful towns of Cinque Terre and headed west.
I had a lot of altitude to cover but right at the first ascent I met Michal on the road. While climbing up the mountain we had a good conversation so that I even forgot the efforts of the ride. 🙂
I still owe Michal an answer to his very good question of what has been my biggest fear so far. I gave it some thought and would say that it’s the arrival at my destination and therefore the end of my Velosperanza project.
At the moment there are so many uncertainties of what happens next in my life…my approach to this is that I trust in myself to take the decisions that are needed when the time has come and enjoy the now.

The highlight of today were clearly the bicycle tunnels along the sea. It was fun riding them. Well, the long 15km descend at the end of today was also nice but I had that before.
I even had to take a small elevator to leave the track of the tunnels and continue my trip. I had to lift up my bike to make it fit.
I arrived at a small campground and will make a break tomorrow to rest my legs. There is a beach nearby so I’m looking forward to a swim and sun.

Bye bye,

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