11.07.: Overcoming mental barriers

Good news first – it didn’t rain today although the forecast said so. Still, today was a tough day. Twice I ended up in narrow and muddy forest roads and had to push the bike through the mud and up steep sections. I was so exhausted already in the morning after the first tough part that I was surprised that I could do the second part later the day as well and finish the 80km distance to Sundsvall.

Reflecting about this I was surprised about my own physical ability and I believe that many times we simply have mental barriers stopping us from unfolding our full potential.
Our mind is a powerful tool but it is mostly focusing on negative chatter trying to keep us small. The challenge is to listen to this inner voice but still trying things that are new, unknown and challenging for us. This is where personal growth is hidden.
My day had a good ending as I met Erica and her wonderful family at their summer house in front of a lake. I met her at a resting area nearby and she offered me water. A simple act of kindness that made my day.
The video below shows today’s impressions.

Tomorrow I plan a shorter trip to a fishing village.

Bye bye for now

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  1. Danke für deine Updates Peter, Brahim und ich warten immer ganz sehnsüchtig darauf – ist sozusagen unsere Gute-Nacht-Geschichte! 😉
    Und halte durch, auch wenn es manchmal hart ist! Liebe Grüße, Eva & Brahim

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