11.05.21: With a mantra through the rain

Today’s trip was about 50km. It rained just one time – from kilometer 10 – 50 🙂

Let’s say it this way: this was a good test for the equipment after 2 1/2 hours in the rain. First I enjoyed the rain a lot, it was quite warm, no one on the streets and many birds singing around me. Towards the end I started feeling tired, it’s also the third day in a row on the bike.
Out of my work as a yoga teacher I know a couple of Mantras so I had the spontaneous idea to simply sing one of my favorite Mantras until I reach home. That was a nice experience as I never sang a Mantra before for 1 hour. It also distracted me from the rain, the pain in the buttocks and kept me calm 🙂

The Green Tara Mantra from today:
“Om tare tuttare ture soha“

Try it by listening to it on YouTube, Deva Premal has a nice version of it.

Talk to you soon – bye bye,


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  1. Hej Peter, 🙂
    just calling with you! it’s so great to meet you now. I wish u a fantastic trip to yourself and to the world,… I’m excited with you,…, …. you would make many people happier in your life!


  2. Hi Peter! We just started reading your posts, we wish you the best in this adventure. What a great Idea for helping others, we will certainly Support and keep following you journey. Liebe Grüße von Gis und Chris.

    1. Gracias Gis y Chris! Maybe we see us in Nürnberg then 🙂

  3. Peter, I follow you in your training and this special post about singing a mantra in the rain, reconnected me to our meditation groups in China! Thanks 🙏 for making me think about it!
    I love the photo you posted by the way!

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