11.05.21: With a mantra through the rain

Today’s trip was about 50km. It rained just one time – from kilometer 10 – 50 🙂

Let’s say it this way: this was a good test for the equipment after 2 1/2 hours in the rain. First I enjoyed the rain a lot, it was quite warm, no one on the streets and many birds singing around me. Towards the end I started feeling tired, it’s also the third day in a row on the bike.
Out of my work as a yoga teacher I know a couple of Mantras so I had the spontaneous idea to simply sing one of my favorite Mantras until I reach home. That was a nice experience as I never sang a Mantra before for 1 hour. It also distracted me from the rain, the pain in the buttocks and kept me calm 🙂

The Green Tara Mantra from today:
“Om tare tuttare ture soha“

Try it by listening to it on YouTube, Deva Premal has a nice version of it.

Talk to you soon – bye bye,


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  1. Hej Peter, 🙂
    just calling with you! it’s so great to meet you now. I wish u a fantastic trip to yourself and to the world,… I’m excited with you,…, …. you would make many people happier in your life!


  2. Gracias Gis y Chris! Maybe we see us in Nürnberg then 🙂

  3. Hi Peter! We just started reading your posts, we wish you the best in this adventure. What a great Idea for helping others, we will certainly Support and keep following you journey. Liebe Grüße von Gis und Chris.

  4. Peter, I follow you in your training and this special post about singing a mantra in the rain, reconnected me to our meditation groups in China! Thanks 🙏 for making me think about it!
    I love the photo you posted by the way!

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