10.10. – Day #61: Cinque Terre

Today I saw all remaining towns of the ‘Cinque Terre’. I cycled in the morning a short but intense route to Monterosso. From there I took a train to visit Corniglia and Vernazza, both with their own charm.
What a great piece of land this is here and the views and the flair is really great.
I ate a lot of Focaccia bread during the day and home made pasta with pesto and a glas of red wine for dinner.
Tomorrow I will leave this area but not before climbing another 2 mountains. I hope the muscles are ok with that 🙂
But I’m sure the views will reward the efforts!
I wasn’t able to camp in this area but tomorrow I found a campground. It seems as if all campground will close by the end of October. Let’s see how the situation will be in france and Spain.
See you tomorrow,

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