10.08. – Malmö: No hair, lots of love

I decided to stay here in Malmö for the whole day and go to Denmark tomorrow.
Following a spontaneous idea, I decided to shave my hair as a sign of sympathy for the children with cancer! It was exciting to do and I met super friendly Ali in his Barbershop!
Thanks for all your great reactions and donations to this. With your help we have reached a total of 24 chemotherapies for the kids in Mexico!!!

I like Malmö a lot. Not too big, harbor atmosphere, old town, modern new areas, lots of bicycles and young people everywhere…really a nice mix and I could connect nicely with the people. Like Ibra, the Syrian, who tried so hard to find a job in Sweden until he decided to follow the signs of love and start his own business. Ow he runs this awesome vegan Hummus place. I would love to come back as he has a lot of interesting stories to tell.

Tomorrow I take the train over the big Öresund-Bridge to Copenhagen, Denmark, my 2nd country on my trip. I’m curious how different it might be in regards to biking, camping, supermarkets etc.
See you here tomorrow,

Playing Titanic in front of the Öresund bridge

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