10.07. – Day 3: Rain and Swedish hobbies at night

I had my first rainy day on the bike and learned how Swedish people enjoy the summer

I was just about to go to bed around 23:30 at night when suddenly a car drove towards my campground in front of the lake. I stood up from my mattress and peaked outside to see what was going on. A lady got out of the car, opened the trunk and took out an inflatable boat. That didn’t make sense to me and I thought that I might camp on her property. But she just inflated the boat and went onto the lake. That’s how Swedish people enjoy the summer with their long days. You can spend midnight on a lake because the sun just disappeared and there is still enough light for 1-2 hours. 🙂

I knew it’s gonna be rainy so I wanted to start rather early. As I was about to leave I met Erich from Germany. An elderly man who is also doing a bike tour and was looking for a camping spot. He decided to do something that already crossed my mind: he drove all night long to enjoy empty streets and the long, bright summer nights of Sweden. That idea sounds great to me and I think I will try it soon. He took my spot and went to sleep.

I had a good dry start on the tour but during the last 10km it just poured down. Anyway I was happy that the first 60km were ok.
To be on the bike during rain is actually not so bad. The problem is to find a campground where you can stay dry over night. I finally managed to get a hotel. I was lucky to find one in this rural area around Torpshammar.

The day ended with a warm shower, doing the laundry and going to an American diner, which is the only restaurant option in town.

On another note: Sometimes I sing on the bike. Today I sang the song: “Country roads”.
My point: the lyric fits to what I am doing – the roads I take will bring me home to myself, to my inner true being. I can feel that when you are at peace with yourself, nothing can ever really harm you.
Let’s see how this will develop over time.

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