09.08. – Day #24: 1.900km Sweden done

I had a nice sunny morning after a rainy night and enjoyed my breakfast in the dunes. The first 40km took me along the coast where I had good views but strong headwind. Halfway through I had lunch in Trelleborg and continued inland with luckily much less wind.

Finally I reached Malmö and this was my last day on the bike in Sweden. I learned a lot from this country and the first 1.900km, that’s for sure!
As a “reward” I was able to wash my clothes in the hotel and they even had a Sauna…10 points!

Regarding the donations we can support 21 chemotherapies already! That motivates me to go on to Denmark and you guys please support in whichever way you can. It’s amazing to see this developing so nicely.

Thanks for all the kindness in your hearts!!

Tomorrow I will have a look at Malmö and then take a train to Denmark as I can’t cross the bridge with a bike.

Bye bye for now,

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