08.10. – Day #59: Palm trees and the sea

Today was luckily a relaxed day as my muscles are still tired from climbing the mountains yesterday. I started in colder conditions riding through the valleys enjoying the small and picturesque towns.
When I reached La Spezia the sun came out and for a few hours it was nice and warm.

Reaching the Mediterranean Sea also means to begin the last 1/3 of the Velosperanza project. When I realized this I had mixed feelings. I felt like that there are still so many km to ride.
It’s funny because my mind sometimes tries to tell me I’m going too fast and sometimes too slow.
I told myself to focus on the now and the beautiful places I’m allowed to see. As soon as a target or a sense of accomplishment comes into play, it will only create unnecessary stress.

Tomorrow I will start to visit the “Cinque Terre” which are 5 picturesque town at the cliffs.
I’m looking forward seeing them.

Bye bye,

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