08.08. – Day#23: Horses, dunes and wind

Day 23 started with a nice surprise. Beside the beautiful sunrise over the ocean, a group of horses had gathered just next to me to eat when I was ready to leave the campground. It was so impressive how close they came. They made me feel very calm and peaceful. I have never been around horses so this was a quite impressive experience for me. Wonderful animals.
After that I followed the coast southwards and the landscape of dunes, farmland and ocean views is really gorgeous down here. When I turned westwards the wind became quite heavy so it was difficult on the bike today in the 2nd half. But beside a small 2 minute rainfall, it was at least dry.
I visited a special place called Ales Stenar where people had placed large stones in the form of a boat hundreds of years ago. The meaning is yet not totally clear but it appeared to me as the Swedish Stonehenge.
Finally I arrived in the city of Ystad. A little west of the city I found my campground for the night at the beach. Luckily I’m behind a little hill to be protected from the wind.
Tomorrow I will go to Malmö and I hope for less wind 😋

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