08.07.: What I experienced on the first day!

The first day is always a special one – here is what happened today

I started in Östersund around 11:00 am after a relaxed morning. I followed a big lake southward. I had some main roads but also a few kilometers in the forest. It actually got quite muddy and narrow in the forest and while I was pushing my bike through the mud, a big animal started rushing away just next to me. I couldn’t see it but most likely it was an elk.

I also have a technical problem with my phone charger. My bike has a USB to power my phone but it doesn’t work. Quite an issue if you want to stay in the wild for a longer time. I hope I can fix this tomorrow.
Also my phone was damaged as the touch screen stopped working. Of course I didn’t know how to reset the phone without using the touchscreen so I stopped at a house and asked for help. The nice family googled the solution for me, we had a little chat and I could continue. Those little things, when you need help and you receive it really makes such a journey worth it!

Lastly I searched for a place to stay and it took some time to find a place for the tent. You can check it out in the video and photos.
I’m quite exhausted now as the first days are tougher as everything is new.

Regarding the donations I am speechless as we already have 3.760 Euro. Those are almost 10 chemotherapies!! Thank you everyone and please keep spreading the word about Velosperanza!


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  1. Thanks Andreas y saludos a tu familia ☺️

  2. Hi Peter, I wish you a great and safe ride. I know what it means riding 100km or more a day, but it is even harder with your bags, tent and everything else you need. Stay safe and ride on!!

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