07.11. – Day #75: Hola España

I had a nice encounter yesterday evening. I went to a small Thai restaurant and was the only guest. The owners were so nice making sure to prepare a 100% vegan meal. Then their daughter showed up and explained me that her parents would like to give me the meal for free out of respect for my vegan diet. Wow – what a great and unexpected act of kindness 🙂

Today I entered Spain…or shall I say Catalonia? Maybe both! 🙂
It it’s definitely nice to speak the language again…makes many things much easier…!
After an initial climb I had a lot of tailwind and riding was so nice. Temperatures are also higher here so it was a smooth day after the break.
I also reached 5.555km and will probably get close to 7.000km in the end!
I passed by Figueres with its famous Dali Museum and reached Girona now.
Tomorrow I will have a long day as I wanna reach Barcelona so an early start is planned…

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