07.10. – Day #58: Meeting biker’s biggest enemy

After a 2 day break due to rain and thunder, I was excited to start this morning. I didn’t know that after 2.5km my trip would take an unexpected shift. Well, welcome to the travel world again.

I entered a gravel road that was quite muddy due to the rain. But the mud was sticking to my wheels like clay and the wheels stopped turning as all the clay was accumulating below the fenders. Here I realized that mud or clay are mich worse for cyclists than rain and wind.
I had to carry my bike out of that road and drive back to my hotel to clean it properly before starting the day a second time with a different route 2 hours later. It took me and my ego a little effort to confess that I had to go back and ask for help, but it was the right and only choice.

I had to climb some mountains today but the paved roads were gentle enough in their inclination so I didn’t have to push the bike.
I passed by the small and picturesque town Berceto before beginning the downhill part to today’s destination Pontremoli.
It was quite cold with 11 degrees plus very windy. But the view on the mountains and the famous Testaroli pasta (it’s like a pancake) for dinner made that forgotten quickly. I also had a nice reception at the Hotel when a young Italian worker was sitting outside enjoying his evening beer and invited me to join. We had a nice chat about how important it is to have a work that gives us passion and we shared a beer.

Tomorrow I will reach the Mediterranean Sea when I arrive in La Spezia. So much looking forward as with this the last third of Velosperanza will begin.

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