07.09. – Day #42: On TV and through the Rhön

Yesterday evening was a special moment for me. The local German TV (WDR) broadcasted a report they made about me and my trip.
> Click here to see the video <
Very excited I watched the live stream and when it was over I immediately started to cry. It just poured out of me for a few minutes.
I guess seeing myself on the screen made me realize on what kind of a personal journey I am at the moment and that this is really happening. It was overwhelming and it felt nice afterwards to let those energies flow.

The local radio station WMW did also an update about my trip. You can listen here the new episode!

My day on the bike:
When I was ready for the day I realized that I had a flat tire again…maybe because I didn’t use the adequate tube I had this issue so I changed tubes again in the back wheel. It was ok for the day, hope it lasts now another 1.000km or so 🙂
As you can see on today’s route profile I had a strong climb right at the beginning. It was a nice one though through forests and was rewarded with extensive downhill parts later on hitting almost 60kmh.
The landscape of the Rhön mountains is pretty nice with smooth hills and (as so often in the last days) small villages in between. I also had former watch towers on my route again reminding me of the separation we had in Germany and Europe for a long time.
I entered Bavaria and found a little lake with a small campsite. Oh it was so nice to take a bath after the warm, sunny day.
Looking forward to another great day tomorrow!

If you guys want to support me and my charity, please consider a donation. Every amount helps children with cancer in Mexico.

Thanks and see you tomorrow,

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